Standard Routines for referees

1. Fill in the assignments register availability sheet as early as possible. You will be assigned games based on this and receive a full list of games every Wednesday evening.

2. At least 24 hours before a match the home team will confirm the fixture with you. If they don’t then call the assignments manager and you will be reassigned

3. On game day there should be a meeting 45 minutes before kick off at halfway with the match leader and representatives from each team. Any logistics issues should be resolved here. 

4. After the match do not forget to confirm the score with the match leader and sign the match sheet. 

5. In the case of red cards the paperwork needs to be sent in within 48 hours of the end of the game.

6. Match fees and expenses forms can be found on this website. Referees are refunded travel expenses and paid a match fee depending on the league. National leagues the rugby union pays out. Development and local leagues the club pays. Confirm this with clubs when they confirm fixtures.