Welcome to the SRDF Website

Check out the menu with links to all the information you need to navigate this site. Document links will forward to the SRF website documents (if the links don’t work go to www.srdf.se to find the updates) and some documents will be stored locally.

We currently don’t have a kit sponsor for 2019 but are working to set up a kit store for referees to supply quality kit from a proven local supplier. Feel free to use the kit from 2015-2019 with our old sponsor on it, or kit you have acquired on your travels. Just remember to look smart and professional.

World Rugby Application Guidelines for the coming season can be found on the World Rugby laws website

NOTE TO CLUBS: Contact the match referee the week before your match (at least 24 hours before) to confirm the fixture, kick off time, logistics, and to sort payment of travel costs and match fees for lower tier games. Click the Contacts menu option on this website to access the referee contacts list. If you can’t get hold of the referee then contact the Referee Manager. Failure to do this will result in your referee being reassigned.

Happy refereeing