Expenses Documents

  • Match day expenses. Fill in the form at the link below and email to kansli@rugby.se
    Match expenses
  • Travel expenses (for non match day travel). Fill in the form at the link below and email to kansli@rugby.se
    Travel expenses
  • Course expenses document for Educators/Trainers Course arvode
  • All expenses and competition documents can be also found in the EB at Rugby.se. Referee fees for 2020:
    Serienivå 1-2 600 kr/match
    Serienivå 3aN 600 kr/match
    Serienivå 3b-4 600 kr/matchdag
    7-manna matcher 600 kr/matchdag

    Assistant referee fees for 2020:
    Serienivå 1-3 250 kr/match
    7-manna matcher 350 kr/matchdag

    *Under slutspel (serienivå 1-2) ersätts assisterande domare på samma sätt som ordinarie domare.
    *Arvode betalas endast ut till utbildad och av SRF tillsatt assisterande domare.
    *Endast ett arvode betalas ut per matchdag till kombinerad ordinarie/assist