Online Expenses System

  • Match Day expenses are to be done using the new online expenses system https://rf.hrm.kontek.se/HRM (or by using the Android or iPhone application – search for “Kontek HRM Mobile”)
  • If you don’t have a login ask Julian and he can help sort this out (julian.bevan@srdf.se) – he is NOT the admin but will put you in touch with them.
  • The following account codes (konto) and cost code (resultatenhet) should be used
    • Always use resultatenhet 500 – Domare for all expenses.
    • Use code “7331 – Bilersättning” for claiming fuel mileage (Bilresa/Car Trip)
    • Use code “7221 – Idrottsarvode” for claiming match fees (Expense/Utlägg)
    • Use code “4019 – Kost & logi (match & training)” for claiming hotel/lodging fees (Expenses/Utlägg)
    • Use code “4071 – Reskostnader (match & training)” for claiming other travel costs (e.g. taxi, parking, flights, trains, etc)
    • For the full instructions on how to use the system follow the link here

Expenses Documents – Use this if you don’t have access to the new Online Expenses system

Match fees and other expense

  • All expenses and competition documents can be also found in the EB at Rugby.se.Match fee for Referees:
    • 600 kr/match för Allsvenskan Herr & Dam and SuperAllsvenskan
    • 650 kr/matchdag för 7s matcher samt USM

    Match fee for Assistant referees (for Finals the referee fee should be used):
    • 250 kr/match för Allsvenskan Herr & Dam and SuperAllsvenskan
    • 350 kr/matchdag för 7s matcher samt USM

    • Travel expenses with a receipt OR 18,50 kr/mil (1mil=10km).
    • Svenska Rugbyförbundet does not pay traktamenten associated with these assignments.

  • Junior Expenses for the Stockholm region can be claimed using the document on this link Stockholm Junior Expenses. Email the form to Alastair Wither at alastairwither@gmail.com. Stockholm region Junior referee fees for 2022: 400sek/match day, 150sek for single games, 300sek for games above U14

*Under slutspel (serienivå 1-2) ersätts assisterande domare på samma sätt som ordinarie domare.
*SRF Arvode betalas endast ut till utbildad och av SRF tillsatt assisterande domare.
*Endast ett arvode betalas ut per matchdag till kombinerad ordinarie/assist