The SRDF (Svenska Rugbydomarföreningen) has been active in it’s current form since July 2009 after a meeting to create a Referee Society was convened at the Stockholm Tens Referee seminar. 14 members were in attendance and the SRDF came into being. Currently the organisation exists as a Sports Club who run refereeing activities on behalf of and in partnership with the Swedish Rugby Union ([http://www.rugby.se Svenska Rugby Förbundet]). The organisation is constantly growing and taking on more roles to improve the quality of refereeing rugby in Sweden.
The board for 2014 was voted in on the 8th March and will oversea activities for the coming year.

Current board:
Chairman: Peter Öberg (2 years)
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Henrik Bjelkholm (2 years)
Other board members: Steve Henly, Julian Bevan, Erika Fraysinnet (1 year)

Link to the 2014 AGM Minutes

We have no also arranged a Kit Sponsor from 2015 until the end of the 2018 season, with PWC being the Sponsor. I’d like to welcome them on board to the Refereeing Team.


From the 2015 season start we will NOT inform clubs if they have not been assigned a referee. It will be the club’s responsibilty to check the referee assignments calendar (Menu option on the left of the screen). This applies to organisers of Sevens tournaments as well. Assignments will be prioritised by the referee’s level and development requirements, region the referee and club are based in and then their travel restriction. If a referee is located in a region then he will be assigned there unless all the games are filled, only then will referees move across regions (exceptions will be made when referees request specific games in other regions, at their level, for their own development).
Clubs will be REQUIRED to contact the referee for their match at least 24 hours before kick off. Contact details can be found via the link on the menu to the left of this notice. If no contact is made the referee will contact the assignments manager and be reassigned onto another match and no referee will be assigned on the original or any rearranged game if the game is then cancelled