The SRDF (Svenska Rugbydomarföreningen) has been active in it’s current form in Sweden since July 2009 after a meeting to create a Referee Society was convened at the Stockholm Tens Referee seminar. 14 members were in attendance and the SRDF came into being. Currently the organisation exists as a Sports Club who run refereeing activities on behalf of and in partnership with the Swedish Rugby Union ([http://www.rugby.se Svenska Rugby Förbundet]). The organisation is constantly growing and taking on more roles to improve the quality of refereeing rugby in Sweden.
The board for 2014 was voted in on the 8th March and will oversea activities for the coming year.

Current board:
Chairman: Peter Öberg (2 years)
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Henrik Bjelkholm (2 years)
Other board members: Steve Henly, Julian Bevan, Erika Fraysinnet (1 year)

Link to the 2014 AGM Minutes