Link to Instructions

How to get access to the SRDF Assignments Register

1. If you don’t already have one, register a new User on Google Docs using either a Gmail or an existing email address.

2. Click the link to the Spreadsheet in the menu to the left and request access to edit the spreadsheet, OR Email the registered email address to asking for access to the register.

3. If you emailed a request in, you will receive an email from Google Docs with a link to the register. Click the link, make sure you are signed in, and you will then have access to edit the 2nd sheet in the spreadsheet.

4. If your name is not in the list on the first sheet, ADD IT! You can then put whatever information you think is relevant for any of the match weekends listed. Select the most relevant value that describes your availability on the dates at the top of the columns.

5. Every Wednesday a list of all your assignments will be emailed out IF you have placed an email address on the availability sheet on the spreadsheet.

6. Don’t forget to keep your contact information on the Contacts sheet up to date.